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Six highly experienced musicians who are passionate about singing and long for quality; that’s what defines the Dutch vocal group Ambrosia a cappella. With a background as vocalist, conductor or composer, each member of the group is firmly rooted in music practice. As the singers all bring their own expertise, the result is a sparkling musical mix and exciting vocal craftsmanship that will put you in a cheerful mood.

Indulge in Ambrosia’s challenging jazz pieces and well-known pop songs with surprising twists. Get enchanted by the mystical sound palette, playful improvisations and impressive vocal percussion.

Ambrosia a cappella consists of Marko Maresch (bass), Christoph Mac-Carty (baritone), Alfred de Jonge (tenor), Linda Westra (alto), Elke Jansen (mezzo) and Vera Westera (soprano). The members mostly sing individually amplified to enrich the musical palette.

The most flavourable vocal group you'll ever experience!


Upcoming events

October 6, 2024
Cultuurhuis, Diepenveen


Past events

March 22, 2024
KidK, Kapel Bloemendaal

May 29, 2023
De Kleine Wiel, Lent

March 13, 2022
Doornenburg Castle

September 26, 2021
Sandfirden (FR) church

April 10, 2021
Solingen Germany

March 12, 2020
Private gig, Westervoort

November 9, 2019
De Doelen, Rotterdam

May 30 - June 2, 2019
Aarhus Denmark

May 13, 2019
Theatre, Ede

April 14, 2019
Doornenburg Castle

November 9, 2018
Private gig, Beckum

September 30, 2018
Luxor, Arnhem

June 1, 2018
Private gig, Bennekom






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